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Casting, accessories series

Counterattack board hammer

Counterattack plate hammer suitable for use: limestone, cement clinker, sandstone, gangue, basalt and so on.

Product description

The company adopts internationally advanced vacuum negative pressure (lost foam) casting equipment produced by the crusher with various models of high wear plate, hammer, counterattack, (spectral analysis of furnace sampling chemical analysis) with high wear resistance , High impact toughness, the use of PLC automatic control of the furnace heat treatment products have a fundamental guarantee of product performance. Cast from high-chromium alloy, with impact resistance, super wear resistance. Advantages: wear-resistant and not brittle, long life.

Model: 1010,1210,1214,1315,1316 mining machinery various impact crusher hammer, counterattack liner, guard.

The main chemical composition and content: C: 3.0 ~ 3.2 Mo W Cu Ni Nb amount of Cr26 ~ 28%.

Suitable for: Limestone, cement clinker, sandstone, coal gangue, basalt and so on.

Technical Parameters

Specific dimensions can be designed according to user requirements, create a variety of non-standard products! To map sample processing or on-site mapping, as long as the size or all-around photos and according to your broken materials to create a special board hammer.

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