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Waste treatment equipment series

Carton packing machine

Carton packing machine is a new type of packing machine pneumatic packaging machinery. Mainly used in the carton business and paper packaging production enterprises. Carton packing machine is suitable for carton packing, paper packing, packing letter packing, medicine packing, light industrial packing, hardware packing, ceramic packing, auto parts packing, cosmetic packing, styling products packing, packing of components, aluminum materials Packaging and other goods of various sizes packed bundled. Wide range of use, no matter the size of packaging, can be packaged without adjusting the machine, the machine is a mechanical structure, part of the imported parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust and so on.

Product description


1. High and low type can be transformed, high-profile into low-profile type Only need to reel down from the belly mounted on the right side of the chassis, and then replaced by four short leg tube and brake lever can be, on the contrary, low-profile Become a high profile

2. Machine height can be adjusted according to the operator's height and work requirements;

3. Uneven workplace, adjustable 4 leg length, so that the machine level.

Banding method

1. Continuous strapping mode: do not operate any switch, the machine according to the scheduled interval kept binding, suitable for mass production of water operations.

2. Manual strapping mode: Each time you press the button switch, strapping once, for the production of relatively slow or scattered binding occasions.

3. Automatic strapping mode: (This series baler market is the most widely used) The following methods of operation:

a. Ball switch: The ball switch is set on the work surface, and the bound object moves on the work surface. When the ball switch is depressed, it will be automatically bundled.

b. Foot switch: Each time the foot switch is pressed, the object is packaged once.

Principle and characteristics

The use of brand baler technology, is now designed into the whole machine dual-circuit control, single-circuit control performance than ever before more stable and reliable, dual-circuit control makes the internal load reduction of the machine board, baler structure of each circuit running more smooth and stable. As a packer manufacturer, we have superior performance, more reliable quality, simpler and convenient inspection and debugging, and the first to use the photoelectric control with withdrawal clutch. The automatic packing machine working principle is by tightening, heat capacity, cut with tape, bonding completed packing. The use of a wide range of professional balers factory production, regardless of the size of the packaging, without the need to adjust the machine can be packaged, the baler is a mechanical structure, part of the use of imported baler parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, the baler at reasonable prices.

Technical Parameters

Suitable for bulky, heavy packing strapping

Power, power:

3P,380V,50/60Hz,1000W,5A (1P,220V,50/60Hz,890W,10A)

Packing speed:

≤2.5 seconds / track

Table height:

450mm (can be customized according to user needs) Suitable for heavy-duty packaging or bulk packaging

Frame size:

W (1070) x H (668) mm External W (800) x H (600) mm Custom

Strapping form:

Parallel 1 ~ multi-channel, there is a photoelectric control, manual and so on

Suitable package with:

Thick (0.55 ~ 1.2) mm * width (9 ~ 15) mm (can be customized according to actual needs)

Electrical configuration:

"OMRON" "PLC" control, French "PE", and photoelectric switch control, accurate

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