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Waste treatment equipment series

Metal crusher

Metal crusher is a universal crushing equipment, also known as metal crusher in the industry (metal crusher), this equipment is a variety of scrap metal cans, paint buckets, scrap light metal, paint buckets, color steel tile, pressure Block, motorcycle frame, bike rack, discarded appliances, car shell, car board, keel, roll gate, waste angle iron and other thick scrap metal crush. Reduced transportation costs through crushed materials from metal crusher equipment and increased scrap iron smelting speed. Due to the convenience of the operation of the unit size and personal recognition.

Product description

Metal crusher product advantages:

For scrap recycling companies that the use of crusher scrap processing and recycling, there are advantages:

1, the metal crusher blade is made of high alloy refined meshing blade, for any high hardness of the material has a good grinder effect.

2, metal shredder motor drive, than other cans grinder to save 20% of the electricity.

3, metal crusher boot is not too much noise, and installed foundation, the noise is very small.

4, metal crusher strong structure, dense type stiffening plate, to ensure the strong box.

5, metal crusher can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding equipment. Expand the scope of processing and recycling; value of space is high; easy to transport, efficient.

Metal Crusher Crusher works:

The core principle of metal crusher is the use of a hammer to hit the metal material. Driven by the high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the host machine hits the object to be crushed into the cavity in turn, and the object to be crushed is torn into pieces of specification by the space formed between the liner and the hammerhead Things. According to the working conditions of the crusher can be divided into dry system, wet system and semi-wet system. Dry system mainly refers to the crushed material must be through the air swing sorting system to separate the metal and non-metallic, while the entire system equipped with dust removal device. Wet system refers to the same time the water spray, and in the sorting at the same time washing water. Semi-wet system is only broken when needed, a small amount of water to prevent dust, no cleaning.

Metal Crusher Features:

1. A wide range of applications: In addition to crushing scrap metal, but also for the wood, waste paper, plastic, straw, car tires, waste paper, household waste books and other container wall cans broken.

2. Easy maintenance: small crusher hob size structure due to the use of the overall structure, medium and large crusher hob are equipped with assembly structure, can be directly damaged damaged hob replacement.

3. Scrap metal crusher equipment low speed, low noise, high torque, and a mechanical / hydraulic, electrical overload protection.

4. Waste metal crusher equipment use and maintenance costs low: equipment design is reasonable, well-made, extending the service life of equipment and reduce equipment use and maintenance costs.

Technical Parameters



Motor Power

Rotating speed

Capacity (kg / h)

Overall dimensions (cm)

Weight (kg)

SX-600 18.5-22 18.5 2100 600-800 2000*700*2000 1.5
SX-800 30-37 30 1600 800-1200 2200*900*2200 3.7
SX-1000 45-55 75 1250 1200-1500 3800*1400*3000 7.6
SX-1300 90-150 90 860 4000-5000 4000*1500*2800 11.5
SX-1600 110-180 110 750 6000-10000 4800*2000*3200 16.6
SX-2000 220-320 220 650 8000-12000 5000*2200*3400
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