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Single-cylinder cooler Description: Single-cylinder cooler for cooling the hot material from the rotary kiln, while the high temperature materials can be a large amount of heat absorbed by the air, so that into the kiln combustion air preheated to a high temperature to enhance the calcination , Reduce heat consumption, is an important supporting facilities for rotary kiln.

Product description

Single tube cooler Features:

Rotary cooler for the production of compound fertilizer, cooling a certain temperature particles of fertilizer, rotary cooler and dryer supporting the use of, which can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and increase production, and further remove part of the water and reduce fertilizer Of the grain temperature. Rotary cooler also can be used for other powder, granular material cooling. The device is compact, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance, adaptability.

The role of single-cylinder cooler:

Rotary kiln to produce high-temperature materials often need to be cooled to a certain temperature by the cooler before they can be transported, stored and processed for the next step. According to the need, the cooler can also carry a large amount of heat with high temperature materials to recover the air, so that the kiln combustion air preheated to a higher temperature to enhance combustion and reduce heat consumption. To cement rotary kiln, for example, the role of cooler under the following:

(1) as a process equipment: it assumes the task of quenching high-temperature clinker, quenching can prevent the growth of mineral crystals in cement clinker, in particular, to prevent the growth of C3S crystals, but also make the liquid coagulate into vitreous, The majority of MgO and C3A are immobilized in the vitreous body to increase the activity of cement clinker and prevent the transformation of β-C2S to rC2S.

(2) as a thermal equipment: cooling cement clinker, and into the kiln secondary air, into the furnace heating of the tertiary air heating task is conducive to the ignition of fuel and pre-combustion,

(3) as a heat recovery equipment: a large amount of heat carried out of the kiln clinker to recover. (Recovered heat of about 1250 ~ 1650kJ / kg clinker)

(4) as conveying equipment: conveying cement clinker

The types of coolers are also varied, with the exception of rotary cylinder type single-cylinder coolers, as well as various grate coolers (grate, rotary grate, vibrating grate) Ring cooler, vertical (vertical) cooler and boiling cooler and cyclone cooler for Powder Division.

Single-cylinder cooler composition:

Like the rotary kiln, the single cylinder cooler also has the cylinder body, the lining brick, the rolling ring, the supporting wheel gear supporting device and the gear ring type transmission device. The tail of the machine head is provided with the feeding device and the discharging cover as required The necessary sealing device. The difference is that the main heat exchanger is a lifting plate. The material lifting plate makes the material curtain evenly distributed in the cross section of the cylinder to facilitate the heat exchange with the air passing. In order to enhance the cooling effect, outside the barrel water.

Technical Parameters

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